made in japan

・3 minutes 800ppd
・5 minutes 1600ppd
・High concentration hydrogen industry's first

・Your water hot water juice also OK
※ It is okay except carbonate

・It is selling the world tumbler size
・Portable tumbler cover rich One-of-a-kind design


Beauty Salon
Hair salon
Nail salon
dental clinic
Night Business
Whitening Salon
Extended Salon
Water server company
Department store
Electronics stores



customer's voice

Skin became clean
Constipation was cured
There is no hangover
Body odor bad breath is gone
No longer attracted cold
I can sleep well
Hair has increased
Gastrointestinal got better
Stiff neck is gone
No longer migraine


Rich Water Premum
(Alkaline ion hydrogen generator)

In the case of Content 400ml
Size height 22 cm diameter 6.5 cm
Weight 330 g
Specification Platinum bubbling
In the case of
Accessories Charging adapter
Power supply DC 12 V / 1A
Maximum output ≦ 8 W
Maximum volume 380 ml
In the case of
Ph 7.5
Hydrogen 800 ppd to 1600 ppd
Staying from -250 mv to 600 mv In the case of
Mode 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes


Rich Water Premum 


内容        400ml

サイズ     高さ22cm 直径6.5cm

重さ       330g

仕様      プラチナバブリング

付属品     充電用アダプター

電源      DC12V / 1A

最大出力    ≦8W

最大ボリューム   380ml

Ph         7.5

水素      800ppd~1600ppd

滞在      -250mv~600mv

モード      3分・5分・10分